Magikfs to the user


All users are able to create delete modify hidden files using the normal system calls itself. But a use can access only his own hidden files and not that of others. No extra programs needed.For this there is steganographic activation code placed in between filename and password. Users can change it when installing the fs so no one else knows what is the steganographic code.This is done so that intruders wont be able to find out whether a steganographic filesystem is being used or not. For example let the steganographic activation code be "@" then a person can open the hidden file using the normal call open("filename@password@param1",flags); By the "@" and the password the filesystem finds that it is a hidden file and so magikfs searches for hidden file and returns it or opens a new hidden file with name filename and encrypted with password "password".There will also be a facility to hide a file without the bitmaps being set so that no one gets suspicious as to why some bits are set without them belonging to any file.But the risk is that they may get over written.This is given as input in "param1".


We are still adding features to it to make it highly secure.......






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